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Peter Miller came to the law with a wealth of experience in other areas seemingly unrelated to the practice of personal injury law.

He graduated from the University of Hartford in Hartford, Connecticut with a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a particular emphasis on Southern literature. His minor area of interest was chemistry and physics. After college, he traveled widely through Europe and North Africa and, on the weight of the photographic work that he had done, was awarded a graduate assistantship at the University of Iowa.

When Mr. Miller finished his graduate studies, he and his wife Karen moved to New York where he was employed by United Artists Corporation in the field of motion picture production. He took the highly competitive Director’s Guild Assistant Director’s annual examination and was only one of five persons to be awarded Apprentice Membership in the Director’s Guild of America.

The opportunity to establish a newspaper in Arkansas arose and Mr. Miller and his wife moved to Heber Springs, Arkansas where they were involved in the establishment of the Arkansas Sun. Peter served as a reporter, photographer and Assistant Editor of the paper until it was sold several years later. Peter then moved to Little Rock, Arkansas where he opened up an advertising media company which he ran while attending law school part-time and at night.

In 1980, Mr. Miller was awarded his attorney’s license and began the practice of law as an associate and then a partner with the law firm of Kaplan, Brewer, Bilheimer & Marks. In 1986, Mr. Miller established his own law firm, The Law Offices of Peter Miller, P.A. which, over the next fifteen years, grew to a firm of more than 20 people including, attorneys, claims managers, financial managers and support staff.


Peter Miller is licensed to practice before the Arkansas State Court, United States District Court, the Eighth Circuit of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States of America. In addition, he is licensed by the United States Court of International Trade to practice as an attorney and counselor at law.


  • Mr. Miller has served as special Chancery Judge on numerous occasions.
  • Selected as one of Arkansas’ Best Lawyers by the Arkansas Times 11 years in a row.
  • American Trial Lawyer's Association Top 100 Lawyers 8 years in a row 
  • Rated " VERY HIGH" for Legal Ability and Ethical Conduct by Martindale Hubbell
  • 2004 Selected Best Lawyer in Central Arkansas, by the readers of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
  • 2005 Selected Best Lawyer in Central Arkansas, by the readers of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette


Peter Miller is a Fellow of the Arkansas Bar Foundation, a member of the Leaders Forum of the American Trial Lawyers Association, an Advocate certified by the National College of Advocacy, and a member of the Arkansas Bar Association.

Mr. Miller has developed an expertise in use of persuasive graphics at trial and has been invited by the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association to make formal presentations to the members.

Mr. Miller has always promulgated the philosophy that the role of an attorney is to serve his clients best interests, and every decision that is made regarding a case takes into account that philosophical position above all other considerations. As a result of this philosophy, Mr. Miller has been able to build the premiere personal injury law firm in the State of Arkansas. The prestige and reputation of the firm works to the clients’ benefit and as a result, most cases are resolved or settled before trial.

Attorneys at the Law Offices of Peter Miller, P.A. are highly experienced in handling all types of injury cases, especially cases with serious or catastrophic injuries and those involving loss of life. With a staff of 18 people, including 3 attorneys and 2 claims managers, cases are handled with a thoroughness and expertise not available to smaller law firms.

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